Wine Bottles and Grapes CanvasWine Bottles and Grapes Canvas   Stock Photography


Are you looking for a particular photograph for your space?  I have lots of great images, but possibly not the one you are looking for.  Another option would be to use your own photo, if you have one.  I can custom print your photo as a gallery wrap canvas, using the same quality materials and process I use for my Fine Art images.

But what if neither of us have that perfect image?  No Problem!  That is where stock photography comes in.  Stock photography is where other professional photographers collectively sell their work online through agencies, where it is available for purchase, only $10 each.  You select an image, and I will download, prep, and custom print it for you.

Click the photo above to see some samples of stock photography images that my customers have used. There are over 50 million stock photographs to choose from.  Images of almost every possible place and subject are available.  Once you find that perfect image, then I will take care of the rest.

To get startedclick the link below to go to, which is the agency I work with.  There is no need to create an account with Shutterstock.  Type in the search box to start searching for your perfect photo.  Be careful not to make your search too specific or detailed.  When you find images that may work for you, write down the 9 digit image ID number and title for each one (they are in light blue).  Email [email protected] with your contact information and the ID# & title for each image.  Also include the approx. size gallery wrap canvas you are looking for.  I will review the images for resolution and crop ratio, and let you know which ones would work for your size requirements. 

Click here to go to Shutterstock